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The Australian Brontë Association is a literary society devoted to the study and enjoyment of the Brontë family: Charlotte (author of Jane Eyre, among others), Emily (Wuthering Heights) and Anne (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall), together with their brother Branwell, and other sisters Maria and Elizabeth.

The Australian Brontë Association meets approximately every two months at the Castlereagh Hotel, Sydney. At each meeting a talk is given on some aspect of the Bronte's life and works or the world in which they lived.

The ABA is independent of the (UK) Brontë Society but it grew out of a group of Australian members of the Brontë Society and we still maintain strong links with the parent body. The Australian Representative of the Brontë Society is a member of the Australian Brontë Association.

The current President of the ABA is Michelle Cavanagh.

NEXT MEETING: Saturday 11th September Alison Hoddinott: How to be a Good Wife: Charlotte Brontë and Charles Dickens

Villette and Bleak House were both published in book form in 1853. At the time the two novelists were thinking about marriage and the situation of the Victorian wife. Charlotte Brontë (born 1816) was wondering which of her suitors, if any, to choose. Charles Dickens (born 1812) was considering the incompatibility of his marriage to Catherine, which had taken place in 1836, when she was six weeks short of being of age. Their reflections on marriage are mirrored in their biographies, which quote freely from their letters, and in both novels.

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