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At this stage we can't rule out the possibility of having a face-to-face meeting at the Castlereagh Hotel. In any case it will be available on ZOOM.

CHRISTOPHER COOPER: A Man's Mind: Emily Brontë

As a mathematician I would say that she had a "mathematician's" mind. She had little more than the rudiments of mathematics in her education, but I recognise that in Wuthering Heights she displayed an innate appreciation of some of the fundamental ideas of higher mathematics such as complexity, nested structures and symmetry. In her novel she has planted a logic puzzle in terms of reconstructing its chronology. She displays complex symmetry in its genealogical aspects. She goes into great detail concerning the architecture and hardware of the two houses and even includes examples of at least fifteen different uses for windows. Moreover she deliberately omits the scenes that neither house could witness. Wuthering Heights is not so much about nature and the moors, but rather about the two houses. Could it be that the novel is a story in which those two houses are the main characters?


Keep Saturday 4th December free for our Christmas Lunch at the Castlereagh Boutique Hotel. Further details later.


The Australian Brontë Association is a literary society devoted to the study and enjoyment of the Brontë family: Charlotte (author of Jane Eyre, among others), Emily (Wuthering Heights) and Anne (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall), together with their brother Branwell, and other sisters Maria and Elizabeth.

The Australian Brontë Association meets approximately every two months. At each meeting a talk is given on some aspect of the Bronte's life and works or the world in which they lived. In non-Covid times we meet at the Castlereagh Hotel, Sydney. At the moment our meetings are on ZOOM. If you wish to participate in the ZOOM meeting please contact our President.

The ABA is independent of the (UK) Brontë Society but it grew out of a group of Australian members of the Brontë Society and we still maintain strong links with the parent body. The Australian Representative of the Brontë Society is a member of the Australian Brontë Association.

The current President of the ABA is Michelle Cavanagh.

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